Potential Explosion Hazard – Natural Gas Leak in Subfloor Crawlspace

We were asked to do a job walk to look to see if a home’s foundation had had any seismic retrofitting done.

During the inspection there was a strong smell of gas under the house. Using a gas detector we were able to locate the exact location of the leak which can be seen in pictures below. Fortunately, the crawlspace of the home had decent ventilation and most of the gas was escaping to the outside of the home.

Natural-Gas-Pipe-LeakingIn the event that the the ventilation was reduced the gas could of charged the entire crawlspace area of the home. If it found an ignition source the whole house could blow up. This is an extremely dangerous situation.

If you have an older home it is a good idea to have your gas pipes inspected to ensure your home is a safe place. If you smell gas make sure you shut off the main valve that supplies your home immediately and ventilate the area by opening windows or doors. Be sure to not switch on electrical switches or use anything with an open flame. Do not use any electronic devices that are not intrinsically safe ( Safe to use in an explosive atmosphere). Remember that natural gas will rise and propane will sink to the lowest point.

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